Sendy lets you send email newsletters for cheaper. SendyWP connects your WordPress website to your personal Sendy installation.

So… What does SendyWP do exactly?

Well, to be honest it doesn’t exist quite yet, but it is something I am working on building. I’ve been using Sendy for my email newsletters for years and have often been frustrated with how few good WordPress plugins for Sendy there are.

Email Opt-in Forms

Easily embed subscribe forms in your website. SendyWP will let you add forms via widgets, Gutenberg blocks, shortcodes, automatically add to end of posts, simple slide in call to actions, etc.

List Sync Integrations

Initially we’ll be adding support to sync your Restrict Content Pro membership levels to individual Sendy subscriber lists. PMP, LifterLMS, others may follow based on demand.

WooCommerce Integration

Allow your customers to choose to join your emailing list as they are checking out. Auto subscribe customers to a list if they buy a specific item, or an item in a specific category. Etc.

Forms That Are Easy to Style

Out of the box the optin forms will look great. However, if you want to turn the styling off and roll your own styles with some css in your theme, just toggle the setting and make it your own!

Sound Interesting?

Let’s start a conversation about what SendyWP might do for you!